MicroPilot Autopilots Compatible with Lockheed Martin’s mGCS

June 1st, 2017 – Stony Mountain, Canada – Working with Lockheed Martin CDL Systems, MicroPilot Inc. has developed a Vehicle Specific Module (VSM) to communicate with STANAG 4586 compliant ground control station (GCS) software. This specific will enable MicroPilot customers to utilize Lockheed Martin’s many previously unavailable tools as part of its unmanned systems software ecosystem with over 1.5 million flight hours worldwide.

STANAG 4586 will be a NATO standard interface for Unmanned Control System in addition to UAV interoperability. MicroPilot was able to cooperate with Lockheed Martin CDL Systems to create the VSM to make MicroPilot autopilot’s able to communicate with Lockheed Martin’s mGCS software, which will be STANAG 4586 compliant.

“We are pleased which MicroPilot has invested in to STANAG 4586 compatibility in addition to specifically integration with Lockheed Martin CDL Systems.” Says John Molberg, Business Development manager at CDL systems. “We are two proud companies who have been within the unmanned systems market for decades. This specific investment allows Micropilot customers access to our unmanned systems software ecosystem. Users can utilize our STANAG 4586 enabled software, such as our mobile Ground Control Station, optimized for controlling multiple disparate smaller UAS systems for military, civil in addition to commercial uses. Further, these users are at This specific point immediately compatible with our Hydra Fusion Tools companion software which creates a complete spatial picture of a drone’s operational environment, including the ability to create real-time 3D maps.”

MicroPilot customers at This specific point have more options in addition to utilities than ever to get the most out of their MicroPilot autopilots in addition to the STANAG 4586 compatibility provides opportunities in addition to attractive options for brand new customers as well.

About MicroPilot

began in 1994, with 1000 clients in over 85 countries, MicroPilot will be the entire world leader in professional autopilots for UAVs in addition to MAVs. MicroPilot will be an ISO 9001 autopilot some sort of to bring to market an ISO 9001 sub 30 gram autopilot, triple redundant autopilot, in addition to full-function general purpose autopilot. MicroPilot offers a family of lightweight UAV autopilots which can fly fixed-wing, transitional, helicopter, in addition to multirotor UAVs. MicroPilot also provides complementary products such as the XTENDERmp SDK, in addition to trueHWIL2.

MicroPilot Autopilots Compatible with Lockheed Martin’s mGCS

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