Monthly Archives: March 2017

The fresh DJI Spark – is actually the item Legit?


After This kind of week’s recent leak there have been possibilities coming out of the floodgates like no tomorrow. DJI filed for a trademark application This kind of month for the name of “DJI Spark” which may be their newest drone. Information continues to be released over the past couple of days, which is actually leaving everyone asking the same ...

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How Drones Will Revolutionize Oil along with Gas Inspections 3 Years through currently


Oil along with gas companies need efficient along with economical monitoring of their infrastructure to avoid losses, downtimes, along with expensive repairs. A successful pipeline operation should be safe, efficient along with have minimal if any, interruptions. These require constant monitoring, which can at times be very dangerous along with expensive especially when inspecting long distances in remote along with ...

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