Monthly Archives: December 2016

Todo Sobre El Drone AR Parrot 2.0


Parrot fue la primera empresa en el mundo que se lanzó a crear dispositivos electrónicos de todo tipo con sistema wireless, o sin cables. Y poco a poco se ha ido especializando en el ocio, y el sector del sonido y la imagen. Dentro de esta diversificación de productos, la compañía creó en 2010 su primer drone Parrot: un vehículo ...

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Ira Kalb: The Sky’s the Limit for Amazon

The US Patent Office just awarded Amazon a patent for flying warehouses. In addition to giving the idea vast amounts of mobile storage space, the E-commerce leader plans to use these warehouses as launchpads for its drone delivery force. the idea has already branded these flying blimp-like storage facilities as Airborne Fulfillment Centers, or AFCs. Shuttles (smaller air ships) will ...

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10 Tips to Improve Your Drone Footage


There is actually a difference between flying your drone for fun along with also using the idea to shoot great APV (Aerial Photography along with also Video). Shooting not bad footage takes a lot of practice. Here are some tips you can use to improve your overall experience: Make a list, check the idea twice Always check your equipment before ...

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